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My personal favourites by many talented artists on dA, each in their own way, shape or form. ;v; <3

Newest Deviations

My OC - Saya Oshiro

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Pictures commissioned by beautiful artists of my lovely Naruto OC Saya ~ :heart: More to come soon~!

Aki Nagashi ~

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My lovely vampire OC, Aki Nagashi ~

Relevant Stuffs ~

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Do you think it's that easy?
Do you think you can just win back my trust,
After telling me you don't want to be friends 
With me anymore?
I'm sorry,
But I cannot be played in that way,
And the words which come out of your mouth
Sound as if they're not even your own
You can't not be friends with someone
And talk to them
Especially if you've known them
For a very long time!
What the hell are you thinking?
There was a time when the world seemed almost unforgettable.

Like every turn of a page of a book would lead the direction of her life to change substantially
as she lost herself in its wonder. She studied people like a scope in detail whenever she walked out of the apartment;
her eyes followed theirs, locked onto their upturned frowns and brows knitted in concentration as they carried suitcases
and bags down the streets of Paris. French lingered sweetly in the air as she stopped occasionally to talk to a shopkeeper,
lampposts illuminating the paleness of her cheekbones, a small smile twitching at the corners of her mouth.
She sold words and phrases as if they were objects to be beheld by pleasure, her red lips parting ever so slightly,
dress swishing around her long, thin legs. Lonely faces seemed to appear from the dark alleyways, the stench of alcoholism preventing her from seeing the beauty within their cold hearts. 

She stopped in her tracks one all-too-warm Paris night, and whirled around on the spot to look at something behind her.

Her nostrils flared as she saw a figure step out from the shadows.

"Mon chérie," he murmured lowly, and her eyes fell on his golden orbs, voice thick with emotion.

Part of her refused to believe that he was back - that the space of her bed would be filled once again with not emptiness.

His scent hit her like an ocean wave. Her legs trembled, knees shook and knocked together frantically.
Her palms turned clammy, and a strangled cry left her throat. "Mon amour...J-Jeromy..." He gave a laugh as she ran towards him with her arms open, tears spilling down her cheeks, knocking into his chest. Her arms squeezed him from behind as her thin form clung to him with every little shred of warmth it had left. Then she kissed him. He melted, succumbing to the desire and yearning for comfort and intimacy he had missed within these past four months, breath caressing the summer air. Her hands wandered everywhere, seeking to cling, to hold, and he let her, oh, he did. He whispered sweet words into her ear as their lips left, the space between them shrinking down immeasurably. His eyes burned into her like the first moment they met, his sensitive nose taking in the sweet scent of her perfume - how he missed it so! He kissed her again, more firmer this time as if to reassure himself that she really was real and not a figment of his imagination, thoughts drowned out by the feel of her lips and his hands entwined within her ruby tresses.

He was finally back.

"I'm not going anywhere, my red rose, so don't you fear," he whispered into her ear, and she gave another choked sob, tears welling up as she dug her nails into the thickness of his jacket, nodding quietly, silently.
He would never leave her again, he vowed.
Letting Go
So this is a short drabble I wrote of SylveraDrake's OC wolf Jeromy and my vampire OC Aki ~ :la:
I don't have  much to say really except that I really like this one ~
For some reason, I usually like writing angst like him leaving her >w> <w< ~
Hope you enjoy it! :3
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Faking sleep
As touches caress my skin
Hands weaving through my hair
Before they let go
Kisses gracing the nape of my neck
I wonder if he knows
That I'm not sleeping
But merely guessing
As to what he'll do
Skin flushing
Lips parting
The things he does to me
Makes me wanna melt
And it's worth all of it
Every single inch of flesh exposed
And feelings laid bare.
The weather here
Can be rather erratic
But I view it in a pleasing way
At least I can keep warm,
And wait until these weeks
Slowly trickle to a standstill
Quite like this year
As the holidays call to me
Neutrality present
The voice in my head silent
For once
It seems
I eagerly await
My next burst of motivation
To finish
And to see him again
I'm learning,
To not smother
Like a candle 
Hogging the vicinity
And space of a furnished room
But I wait
Fill the silence with words
And thoughts
So until then
I'm thinking of him.
I tend to become
When I'm faced
With my significant other
And even though reassurances
Come from both ends
I still can't help
But think to myself
As to what I'm becoming
And I'm scared I'll repeat
My past mistakes
And push him away
So I guess
The only thing for me to do now
Is to let him have time to himself
While I wait patiently


passionatepremise's Profile Picture
Paloma Tilly
Artist | Student | Varied

Hello there, my name is Paloma. :wave: I'm undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and am in my first year of university, and doing a Major in Creative Writing. I love anime, (Naruto, Ao no Exorcist) and yaoi/yuri; chickens, Spyro and RP'ing and writing short stories and poems. (Inspiration seems to come at night for me). Usually you can find me procrastinating and/or being quite random, but I am friendly, so feel free to talk to me, if you'd like! ;v; I also know Spanish (beginners level) and would love to talk to people more in Spanish, even though I am not studying it this year.
Thank you for stopping by my page~!
-- *flies away in a magical cloud of rainbow dust * ~


Commission Information

I do writing commissions, based on how much you are willing to pay in :points: and the length of the novel, (per chapter) short story, or poem and how difficult it is.

Usually it's from 10 :points: - 30 :points:!

People currently commissioning me:

cheetah333 - 75% Complete by SimplySilent - 75% done!

Stamps ~

Kanade Takatsuki Stamp by Izumiaki Hinata Stamp by itz-Cindyrella Shikamaru Stamp by foxfanart Mirai Nikki stamp by luckygirlmarina Temari Stamp by WritingRin Stamp: Akise Aru 2 by MikuFregapane Katsura Stamp by XxKarinUchihaxX Pasta Love - Stamp by MurasakiKaishin STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie teddy stamp by findyQ Pajamas Stamp by Worldincoffee Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat Dream stamp by smilekeeper OTP Sense stamp by Fairy-Red-Hime Math Scares Me Stamp by Mirz123 Me night before the exams by SmilingOfTheHealer

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your wonderful support and favourites! :iconiluplz: It means so much!



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