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My personal favourites by many talented artists on dA, each in their own way, shape or form. ;v; <3

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I didn’t have the heart

To tell him that I was sorry

For all my wrongdoings

Which are embedded

Deep within my flesh

Laced with poison


As a heavyweight settles.

But those things

I cast aside

And relinquish each new day

With opportunistic thoughts

And familial dreams.

She tried to escape, so we duct-taped her to the tree.

She struggled, incoherent noises trapped behind stickiness pressed to her thin lips. Her eyes were wide with fright, and we watched in glee as big, fat, salty tears rolled down her cheeks. One of the members chanted as they danced around her, clapping their hands to the rhythm of a lone drum while the rest of us sung along. With each strike they stopped in front of her and produced a thin knife. They nicked a thin, red line along her cheek as the blood welled, mingling. The reed anklet attached above their ankle rose up and down as they stamped their feet, continuing to dance while the rest of us talked amongst each other as the procession continued to take place. The forest whispered with her wrongdoings as her sins drifted along the wind, cutting into her stained, porcelain skin. She seemed to own her bruises, they suited her. Her nails dug into the rough bark of the tree in desperation as she thrashed around like a helpless animal. Words formed atop of her sealed lips, feelings were held within those hazelnut eyes. Any normal person would have felt sorry for her. Not us. We were all different.

Sweat formed among the leader’s brow as the blade sliced through her flesh again, this time on her thick thigh. It ran down her leg and dripped off her ankle onto the forest floor. Nature would soon begin to detest her blood, to spit it out when the rain followed. Sure enough as predicted, storm clouds gathered above with the sweet scent of rain. They opened up with promising wetness as it hit her milky skin and sunk deep into her torn clothes. We pulled over our hoods and looked up, pressing our hands together to pray for our sacrifice. With each nick and slice she squirmed, scrunching her eyes shut so they were merely slits. She had a high pain tolerance, we noted.

Other victims, other sacrifices hadn’t lasted as long as she did.

Was it because she had a will to live?

Whereas the others had given up prior, their own will to live? Her struggles were admirable in our eyes – we now looked upon her in a new light.

We all knew one thing though.

It never had a good end.

Mother nature consumed the bodies before sunrise, ensnaring them within her green tendrils as we all went our separate ways. Back to camp to figure out who would be the next sacrifice.

A dimly lit path led back to the cabin where tents were allocated, surrounding it.

I could’ve trodden along it, but instead I chose to ignore.

After the procession had ended, I walked back to where she was. Her eyes were blank, her hands gone, severed at the ends like bloodied stumps. It was a pity she had used her hands to escape.

The last one used their mouth.

Your laugh enraptures me
So warm and soft
With a hint of teasing
Which lingers
And makes me erupt
In my own boundless giggles
I can't even surprise you
Because I cave in so easily
Yet each time I hear your voice
I melt
So I'll wait here until
I can stay over
And see you again.
With an irritant feeling
Grasping me in its hold
Creeping up and down my throat
No honey or lemon to soothe
Even the knowledge
Of forthcoming money
Can't quell this
Sickly state
As the hours tick by
And all I want
Is to be able
To go outside
And purchase necessities
Where the cough syrup
Of life's sweet moments
Can slide down my throat
And ink can stain the pages
Of what I have written
And surmised.
Sickly State
It started out as a really, really bad cold all day Monday at uni and now has spread to my throat...
This feeling of impending doom won't go away.
At least I'm getting my start up scholarship for this session tomorrow...?
I just want to be well enough to see James on Friday.
Soulless blue eyes
Wander upon a ghost-filled 
Full of lost spirits
Who have forgotten their way
And cannot go home
He sees their pleas as his own
He stumbles forwards
Headfirst into the black ashes
Purses his lips
Gets back up again
Only for it to start over and over.


passionatepremise's Profile Picture
Paloma Tilly
Artist | Student | Varied

Hello there, my name is Paloma. :wave: I'm undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and am in my second year of university, and doing a Major in Creative Writing. I love anime, (Naruto, Ao no Exorcist) and yaoi/yuri; chickens, Spyro and RP'ing and writing short stories and poems. (Inspiration seems to come at night for me). Usually you can find me procrastinating and/or being quite random, but I am friendly, so feel free to talk to me, if you'd like! ;v; I also know Spanish (beginners level) and would love to talk to people more in Spanish, even though I am not studying it this year.
Thank you for stopping by my page~!
-- *flies away in a magical cloud of rainbow dust * ~

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